The Hills are alive to Emotional Blackmail

Right no substantive posts for 7 whole days:

  • Mad dash to paint a load of scenery and Cossacks, in the face of unstintingly rubbish light levels.
  • A day of Emotional Blackmail, t6o eat food I don’t like, in over heated rooms.
  • The the second suck punch of my mother’s b’day and again having to atend a meal with the family (such as it is).
  • But then on the upside, a day preparing the house, and TWO days wargaming !

Now the dust has settled:

KIY found a pile of scenery and other gaming supplies in his stocking from Santa on Xmas day. So whilst awaiting the “festivities” with the family, set about painting and flocking them – light levels not needed to do this.

Three plastic vacc formed hills from Kallistra, done up for AVBCW, and four hedges from Peco (ditto). All finished off by the 28th before the Byakhees descended.

And on the same day I went shopping to get Pizzas, and found that the local Tescos was flogging off kebabs, spring rolls and other party food that can simply be bunged in the oven to heat and require no preparation which is a key issue for wargaming food – so for the second day that is what got served up. It went down well (nothing left), and so I’ve stocked up with more of the same…anything to avoid more bleedin’ Pizza…

Anyhow, I now have to edit loads of photos for the THREE WHFB games we played over the two days, so stand by !

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