WHFB: A Fourth Border Patrol (lots of borders aren’t there ?)

So this was Byakhee Roo and my fourth border patrol, up until now we had not used much magic and or scary large monsters, so I thought it’d be time to field some Dark Elves which have all of that in Spades (sorry Spades is also one of my cats and played the Clever Game three times this morning thus xcoring a Cat-Trick).

Yes, I crammed in:

  • some Dark Riders, to demonstrate the Fast Cavalry rules and Vanguard move
  • a Hydra, big ugly, scary, oh wait that’s me…
  • two sorceresses, to demonstrate the magiuc rules.

The Silver Talons (spearmen, cut down to 10 models) got stuck in with the Swordsmen. I’d squeezed in a very much cut down version of Samartik, and carried the day.

Whilst the RXB whittled them down on the way in, and then turned their attention to the Handgunners.

The Siulver Talons prevail, and AGAIN I fail to over run the fleeing enemy – obviously they have been hanging around stunties too long !

In the background Hisdsy the Hydra munched on the cavalry and saw them off the table (again).

The Dark Riders and Birdmen duked it out, but even when Roo had won that, he was left with an untenable position and at 9.50pm he had to do a runner. Still a great game was had by all.

More enjoyable by the fielding of some old but much loved figures from the Regiments of Renown/Dogs of War ranges now sadly OOP.

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