One that almost got away

When GW released their last but one range of Dark Elf Dark Riders, it seemed to have been preceeded by a wave of tester models. The old Sorceress on foot was a good example, appearing well before the Corsairs, Black Guard and others.

Now I’d seen this fella in various GW promo literature but never actually seen it for sale.

As you can see the standard itself hearkens back more to the Aly Morrison style of “Evil Dead” iconography that preceeded the Gary Morley sculpted ranges. In addition, the RXB comes as a two part item, not the single part item of the main wave of Dark Riders.

Anyway, I had to have one for completeness’ sake, and also for variety in my army. here they are side by side – the more common gary Morley sculpt and this rarer item which seems to be a Morrison/Morley hybrid.

This was delivered on Thursday, along with some bad news from the Postie about our ex Parish Clerk, and after I’d had to take BlackJack to the vets, after which he went into Ultra-Sulk mode.

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