Inanimate Statues, and rather more animated language

In preparation for a now aborted Xmashammer set of scenarios, I dug out and started painting my WHFB Garden of Morr scenery set.

Starting with the centre piece – the statue of Morr (God of the underworld in WHFB).

I decided to make the statue black to emphasise it and make it stand out amongst the greys of the rest of the set which is coming along nicely and should be up on the site before the end of the week (promises, promises).

I then decided to pack away stuff from Monday evening, and picked up a case of troops on the kitchen worktop…

Unfortunately it all fell apart. One of the hinges for the lid had been broken for some time, the other had obviously given out and as you can see it exploded everywhere, amidst much animated and uncouth language.

I’ve seen several torsos and arms floating around, and have to go back and tidy it all up after posting this. Great fun, where’s the glue ?

2 Responses to Inanimate Statues, and rather more animated language

  1. Stu says:

    ooooh no! hope nothing was written off! – I remember a few years ago my Dad nudged my Son’s display cabinet off his bedroom wall – dwarves everywhere including that hateful metal gyrocopter. I fully sympathise.

    • Luckily, the case was full of plastic spearmen and RXBs. So mostly its the application of glue.

      One heronine needs a weapon pinned but that’s about it !

      My next task is to duct tape the entire case back together again.

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