Digital De-Tox, Did I Gate away with it ?

No updates for a week !

A combination of bad weather meaning lighting has inhibited photography, ennui, and a 48 hour Digital De-Tox session.

AVBCW Double Gate

In between all that I have been busy painting, but thought that 10 painted gates was not exactly thrilling. So I remembered the Country Code and left it as I found it…shut…

One of the projects that I had intended on posting on Tuesday, was a bunch of AVBCW Home Guard on bicycles, but it turned out some of the flock I needed for their bases had gone AWOL, so it was only on Friday that I popped into town to replenish supplies that I managed to finish them off.

This was on one of my Digital De-Tox days, and I got distracted in Waterstones and bought the latest book by Phil Rickman a local author who writes murder/supernatural mysteries in my neck of the (deepest darkest) woods.

Magus of Hay

So that took up most of Friday reading it, another excellent story, that also illuminated a few more seedy aspects of local history including fascist sympathisers that will probably be pop in some of the Big Games JP & I will run, talking of which the next AVBCW one is in March and for which we’re going to start to prepare…

As for the Digital De-Tix…no internet, no TV, no e-mail for 48 hours try it. To think that about 15 years ago we didn’t really have proper internet/e-mail access is now unbelievable, and I was wandering around the house thinking “what do I do ?”. Especially when it came to finding paints and bases for the figures I was working on, thinking I needed to mail order some more…

Hopefully bicycles to follow, and then two AARs of “Border P`atrol” games of WHFB Byakhee Roo and I played on Monday. Since we’ll be playing again tomorrow evening its best I publish last week’s efforts first. đŸ˜‰

2 Responses to Digital De-Tox, Did I Gate away with it ?

  1. A J says:

    It’s surprising what dark and dirty deeds can turn up in a bit of local history research. I’m looking forward to your take on what you found.

    A Digital Detox sounds like a good idea. I find I do get a lot more done than otherwise in those times when my computer goes down, and we don’t even have a tablet or blackcurrant or whatever it’s called either.

    • On the one hand I did get a lot of pain ting done – those pesky and very boring gates got finished off.

      After that I was sort of kicking my heels because the light was so awful due to the bad weather.

      But then, the village where I live does have frequent electrical blackouts so I am getting used to it, hence lots of undercoated figures that need base and highlights, which is why I get more stuff painted in fits and starts.

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