WHFB: Organ(ic) Gun Lessons

So after another defeat at the hands of Dwarves and their wretched Organ Guns what did I learn ?

  • The waves of small fast cavalry units did work.
  • Except when I got unlucky in that first round, it could happen to anyone, so more careful overlapping of the meat shield is required.
  • I may have gone OTT, and could have dispensed with one unit of 5 Dark Riders.
  • Splitting the CoK into two units does work – maybe two units of 8 next time to help reduce the PV investged in what are obvious targets.
  • Morathai – yes I did take her in the army list – was a waste of time. Too expensive for this size game (3k), and so she didn’t get stuck in to the action. She also had the wrong spells, and as a result ehr magic weapons and magic attributes never came in to play.~350 wasted points.
  • In addition I should not have taken a level 3 and level 2 sorceress, along with the 2 units of Warlocks – Magic Overload against a non magical opponent.
  • Instead, I should have ploughed more PV into a second large block of troops, maybe Black Guard.

So all in all, I need to get weaving on finishing off painting those Dark Riders, get some more CoK painted and some Black Guard.

Now its time for some non WHFB projects to get finished and pictured.

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