Mordheim: Breakthrough

Our second game of Mordheim was the Breakthrough scenario (number 4 on page 129 of the good book):

If the attacker manages to move two or more standing warriors to within 2″ of the defender’s table edge, they have broken through and he wins the game.

We diced off, and Jim was the attacker, myself the defender. Hmm, given that Jim had 13 warriors and three had the ratehr useful “Sprint” skill, and I only had 10 warriors and only one sprinter it wasn’t looking good…

I took the high ground, so I could reduce the board to a the smallest number of choke points possible. So the walkways you can see in the photo got kicked away by the henchmen in the first turn.

Though he’d left three pirates attempting to climb up the high ground by moving ladders around, Jim’s main thrust for the game was to mob me on the ground level.

Unfortunately for him, I’d left all my heroes, lying in waiting along that route.

Jim charged 6 of his warriors in, in two waves against my two defenders on my right flank, but then I countercharged two more heroes in against the second wave.

As I had equipped most of my heroes with Lucky Charms, I held the first wave of attacks, and then set about reducing the number of bilge rats fighting against me.

Not quite a scene from Minas Tirith, but the pirates managed to move a ladder in and climb up to attack my henchmen on the higher level. A combination of luck and good weapons defeated them, and two of the three barnacle bottom’d raiders were put out of action.

Meanwhile, my youngblood and henchmen/meat shield attacked his captain, with mixed results…

Meanwhile the main fracas was over, the beleagured two pirates seen here were quickly dispatched. This left Jim with about 7 models off the table and he failed his bottle test.

Jim was gracious in his defeat and commented:

In the 2nd Game, I was just soundly trashed. I blame my incompetence (I forgot a few stat advances that I had) plus Giles’ skill in the end I think I had 6 or 7 off the board. Ouch !

This imbalance was quite noticeable as I only had 2 off the table. How I pulled that one off against an experienced foe such as Jim I don’t know. The dice weren’t rolling in either one of our favour.

Still we had FUN, which is the key thing. ! 🙂

Mordheim: More scuffles in the ruins

Byakhee Jim agitated for a games session at short notice, and only Scott & I were available, and as Scott had some dodgy plumbing to sort out, couldn’t do more thsan a few hours, so we chose to do Mordheim.

So dusting off (literally) the scenery again, I set the board up.

I was again playing Marienburgers: Claes Von Geld Wealth Redistribution. Jim was using his Pirates masquerading as Marienburgers, and Scott opted for Middenheimers after I failed to find my Skaven.

Mordheim isn’t a very photogenic game, because the scenery is simply lots of dark burnt out ruins. Luckily, the figures as they are all individual, and in Jim & my case painted in gaudyn colours do help to stand out quite nicely. Sadly, as Scott was borrowing my (unpainted) figures he didn’t get that benefit.

So the first game was a treasure hunt between the three warbands – the loot was in a building found on a roll of 12 on 2d6 when a new building was entered.

Jim took the high ground and sent in his pirates against a henchmen of mine, who was supported by a champion.

The Pirates and Middenheimers fan out across the field of battle looking for the loot – as it happens, it was eventually found in the building bottom right. By the pirates. I did speculate as to whether the Middenheimers with 4 war dogs had any skills in terms of sniffer dogs…

And a scene reminiscent of Kitten Kong !

The three warbands were now stuck in, mostly Jim’s Pirates were squeezed by both of the other warbands.

The Pirates and Middenheimers had a pitched fight.

Whilst the pirates sent in against my lot came off worse, as I poured in more fighters.

And though I lost a youngblood, my captain put the boot in to another pirate.

The Middenheimers came off worst in their scuffle with the pirate, and having already lost their Priest, bottled it….so Scott left on time leaving Jim in dire straights.

Before Scott was barely off my drive, Jim failed his bottle test and ran for it leaving me with the treasure chest…11Gc and a Jeweled Sword…wow !

We then had another game…

Go Figure


WHFB: Lessons (re)learnt

So what went wrong w/e before last…

  • I need to embed a Master (Hero) in at least one of the Dark Rider units to improve their LD score, as they are far away from my general and BSB.
  • So I need to revisit the bits box and construct one, or use the one figure available, that is also sitting in bits ! (Pull my finger out in other words.)
  • The Warlocks are great, but they soak up points like fun, and also act as a distraction in the magic phase, so for a 2.5k army list two units is indulgent.
  • Having a single large CoK unit of 10 is also indulgent at this size of army. Looking at what Richard did with his Empire knights fielding them in units of 6-8 is really what I should be doing. Again this means visiting the painting table and bits box (already started) so I have 15+ actual assembled models that can be fielded as viable units. Again pull my finger out and be a bit more flexible in the deployment of unit sizes. Partly this is a product of the figures I have available, partly the standard units I have set up in my army spreadsheet and partly my own personal mindset (units of multiples of 5).
  • Thisd would also have been more useful given that our side of the table was cluttered due to the two large Goblin hordes. Smaller CoK units could have slipped in amongst them much more easily.
  • This would also have avoided me having the CoK’s mincing around behind the goblins.Essentially a waste of points and simply an artillery target.
  • Annoyance, at fielding a Lord with a lance on the figure and arming him with a sword, duh, neat way of forgetting all the rules, and it annoyed my opponents.
  • because until last month I had no CoK Heroes/Lords built and painted, I hadn’t invested time in building some standard set ups in the spreadsheet so hastily cut and pasted. Again I need to pull my finger out and do some robust builds of Heroes and Lords on both Cold One and Dark Rider mounts.
  • Should have used a unit of Harpies to target the inevitable organ guns.
  • We should have used the magic to shift the goblin horde of spearmen forward NOT the CoK chariot (dangerous as it was), an act of hubris on my part.
  • The potential for refusing a flank should have been considered on our deployment.The 10 man RXB unit may have been a waste of time and just filler – again if I had another Dark Rider unit of 5 that would have been more useful.
  • Checking Gav’s spreadsheet – he’d double counted the spearmen so we were missing some 420 points on our side which makes a 10% difference nearly. There were other issues with his spreadsheet as well.
  • The deployment of the bolt throwwers was wrong, that should have been done on our refused flank (that didn’t happen).

So under BlackJack’s feline eye:

  • Paint up some more CoK to deploy two smaller but useful units.
  • Ditto Dark Riders.
  • Ditto Heroes/Lords on Dark Steeds.
  • Remember the Harpies.
  • Act aggressive again !
  • Vet any ally’s spreadseeht for deliberate mistakes !

Now after that Maoist self criticism session I’m off to paint some scenery, vehicles and possibly some CoK models….

WHFB: Dwarves, Empire and fleeing foes

So by the end of round one I’d managed to rally my fleeing dark riders, but my overall pincer movement was in tatters.

So on one of the few spells we got off, we shifted the CoK Chariot forward via a Gobbo spell to sit right in front of the enemy lines – in a vain hope we’d start disrupting their lines – with hindisght shifting one of the Goblin hordes *might* have been better.

The Portal of Kittens, on the hill was also causing disruption to bothe the Empire libnes and my own dark Elves.

The Empire skirmishers did a sharp exit as the Dwarves “Drago-Copters” moved in, but the archers were then charged by the Warlocks.

meanwhile, on the other flank, the Huppy-Griffs (aka Demi-Gryph Knights) charged the Savage Orcs, accidentally letting off the Night Gioblin Fanatics from the neighbouring horde of Goblin Spearmen. Causing damage to the knights and also the Savage Orcs.

The skirmishers were toasted, and the Warlocks went into the Drago-Copter, but also clipped the Hammerererers.

One knight less, but a lot more Savage Orcs dead…

The hordes in the centre plodded foward, towards all those Organ Guns and Hellblasters.

The CoK unit used the gobbos as a meat shield only…

…to be hit in the flank by the Hellblaster that did 26 hits (!) and killed 6 CoK.

Whilst the depleted Dark Riders on the other flank took on some skirmishers (ooo…brave…NOT)

The Gobbos died, and the CoKs went in against the Dwarves.

The Silver Talons crashed into the Dwarves in front of the organ guns, and defeated them to take on the Hell Blaster.

But by now the game was over.

The Goblin Horde of Spearmen having been blasted by magic and organ guns was running away, and our army was valiantly but futilely dispersed in bitty actions across the table, with Empire Knights starting to roll up the flank.

WHFB: Dark Elves, Dwarves, Empire & Goblins

Last w/e’s game:

Dwarves & Empire, against dark Elves & Goblins. I had lots of Fast Cavalry for my Dark Elves, to offset the two hordes of goblins Gav brought.

So my second unit of Warlocks got their next outing.

Against a gun line of lots of organ guns and hell blasters…not so good…

The Vanguard move saw me move 35 cavalry forward.

Looks good.

Only for the stunties and the runties winning first go and promptly blowing the fast cavalry apart…only 3 lost per unit …

And I failed both leadership tests, so they were all running away in the first turn !!!

But at least the centre advanced.

With a CoK Chariot being magically moved forward by the Gobbho Shamans !

So far so good…

Plus a charge into the skirmishers with the Warlocks.