Mordheim: Buildings 1

In the Mordheim game in october, I found a building that I’d simply glued on to the artists mounting card and not even bothered to paint it.

I hastily painted the base before the game started. I then revisited it and over the lasty month in amongst all the other projects, games and life’s issues proceeded to jazz up the base.

I used some model railway ballast and some 1/35th scale bricks I had.

The building was from the Blood on the Streets supplement pack fort Mordheim, chopped up and re-orientated, and I’d used the basic plastic corner pieces and windows. So I did a simply wash (GW Nuln Oil) followed by a highlight of grey to pick out the details (skullz !).

The paving stones were just thin card chopped up, again washed with brown and green washes (again GW whatever the latest names are).

And then a final highlight.

Looks a lot better.

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