WHFB: Wipeout ! Lessons Learnt

Ok, so I got caned by the dwarf alliance and their insufferable organ gun firing line.

Even running pell mell at them still resulted in a huge number of casualties.

So lessons learnt:

  • Iron Curse Icon was useful in minimising the number of casualties for the Silver Talons, but that is a one off commodity.
  • At least the CoK got into combat by being more aggressive and not hiding.
  • Having two units (of 8 and 6 respectively) helped distract and split the enemy fire. Something learnt from Richard’s Empire heavy cavalry.
  • But they need to be better supported, the Orc hordes were not right for that.
  • Dark Riders in units of 10 are too expensive and still too fragile. Maybe units of 6-8 again like the CoK will make them more dangerous and allow me to afford more units.
  • Though the are Rare choices, a small unit of Warlocks with their ward save (4+) might have ben a useful add on.
  • I didn’t invest a lot in magic, and that paid off.
  • Similarly a radical pruning of magic items from the Heroes and Lords made a lot of sense.
  • An interesting set of rules have been made on Druchhi.net to help deal with organ guns, some of them are a bit beardy.
  • But beardy tactics were used in the Challenges during combat which I will have to remember.

On a slightly diffverent tack:

  • I have at least one PAINTED unit of all the Dark Elf options (except the Scourge Runner, and the new CoB).
  • This enables my adversaries to predict what I will bring.
  • As I have so far only played one army, my enemies are gaining knowledge faster than I, as they play different armies from different games.
  • Anthony & Jim admitted my smaller double unit of CoK was a surprise.
  • As I am constrained by the PAINTED units I have, this leaves me less room for surprises and variation in my army.
  • The conclusion is therefore to make duplicate units of what I have so I can surprise my enemies.

Best paint up some duplicate units like those CoK I had Richard pin for me.

Useful lessons, and as you can see, BlackJack came back for a second shot at sleeping in Anthony’s green bag. 🙂

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