WHFB: Wipeout ! (Part 2)

So things are not looking good…

I charged in the remaining CoK and the General, in a last ditch effort to make them useful.
the Siulver Talons closed in on their victims.

I took out some stunties, but at the end…then there was one…

But the general held his ground for another couple of rounds, as the Silver Talons chewed their way through the dwarves.

The Orcs finally got into the fray.

The Orcs steamed into their next target.

The Silver Talons were side swiped by the Dwarf BSB, whom they did at least defeat in short order. Even if the dwarves had turned out be more difficult to deal with so I zapped them with a hex spell.

Whilst the Orcs went for their next target…

The Black Orcs steamed into their target as well.

The Silver Talons finally defeated the dwarves, and came back on the table, as my general was defeated.

So a total wipeout, other than my BSB and about 11 Talons and a Sorceress that was all I had left.

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