WHFB: Wipeout ! (Part 1)

Four of us had a game of WHFB, 4k per side with each player having 2k for their army. Orcs & Dark Elves vs two sets of Dwarves. Byakhee Jim had been on e-bay a few months back and had a new army to field.

I forgot to take photos of the initial set up, but managed to get the first photos mid way through the first turn. By then, Anthony’s dwarves had decided they Hated us (the DE & Orcs), but we had got the drop on them.

I’d moved a lot of vanguard Fast Cavalry up front, as both Dwarf players had what was essentially a gun line with oodles of Organ Guns.

My Dark Elves steamed in ahead of the Orcs – magic standard. I saw no point in sitting there and being pounded into the dirt by organ guns and a trebuchet.

And my small CoK unit moved up on the flank trying to catch up with the Fast Cavalry.

Dwarf Iron Guard facing the wrong way…we let them off… 😉

Both of the Drago-Copters did bombing runs for the first time, and then flamed my Dark Riders on both flanks…

My CoK were blasted by an Organ Gun but continued on regardless, as were the Silver Talons.

The massed Orc ranks plodded on. At least we had no Animosity nonsense this time.

Unfortunately, the Orc Wolf Riders got a side swipe from the Dwarf Hammerers and their General, which along with the Dragocopter rolled up that flank pretty much.

k, not looking good, 6 CoK + Sorceress, vs ~20 Hammerers + General. Gav’s Orc HLord on Wyvern had been severely by Jim’s cannon shots as well.

BlackJack in his move, spotted the unattended green bag of Anthony’s and set up residence.

More to follow…after I’ve done the council budget !@!

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