Mordheim: More scuffles in the ruins

Byakhee Jim agitated for a games session at short notice, and only Scott & I were available, and as Scott had some dodgy plumbing to sort out, couldn’t do more thsan a few hours, so we chose to do Mordheim.

So dusting off (literally) the scenery again, I set the board up.

I was again playing Marienburgers: Claes Von Geld Wealth Redistribution. Jim was using his Pirates masquerading as Marienburgers, and Scott opted for Middenheimers after I failed to find my Skaven.

Mordheim isn’t a very photogenic game, because the scenery is simply lots of dark burnt out ruins. Luckily, the figures as they are all individual, and in Jim & my case painted in gaudyn colours do help to stand out quite nicely. Sadly, as Scott was borrowing my (unpainted) figures he didn’t get that benefit.

So the first game was a treasure hunt between the three warbands – the loot was in a building found on a roll of 12 on 2d6 when a new building was entered.

Jim took the high ground and sent in his pirates against a henchmen of mine, who was supported by a champion.

The Pirates and Middenheimers fan out across the field of battle looking for the loot – as it happens, it was eventually found in the building bottom right. By the pirates. I did speculate as to whether the Middenheimers with 4 war dogs had any skills in terms of sniffer dogs…

And a scene reminiscent of Kitten Kong !

The three warbands were now stuck in, mostly Jim’s Pirates were squeezed by both of the other warbands.

The Pirates and Middenheimers had a pitched fight.

Whilst the pirates sent in against my lot came off worse, as I poured in more fighters.

And though I lost a youngblood, my captain put the boot in to another pirate.

The Middenheimers came off worst in their scuffle with the pirate, and having already lost their Priest, bottled it….so Scott left on time leaving Jim in dire straights.

Before Scott was barely off my drive, Jim failed his bottle test and ran for it leaving me with the treasure chest…11Gc and a Jeweled Sword…wow !

We then had another game…

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