Mordheim: Renovating some scenery

The latest game of Mordheim highlighted a few pieces of scenery could do with a bit of a revamp.

So I started off with a simple one, one of the small ruins in the original Mordheim box set that I put together in about 1999 !

I’d based it on artists card, added some token thin card paving slabs, a chopped up skeleton, some chopped up sprue and a piece from the very old WH40K scenery, and then flocked and painted the base.

So I started out by giving it all a wash with Agrax Earthsade (a GW wash).

Then I added camo wash to the mud to make it more than just tones of brown. The bones got highlighted, and I also washed all the grey plastic windows/corner pieces.

then they got highlighted.

I now have a much better piece of scenery.

One Response to Mordheim: Renovating some scenery

  1. Duke Roland says:

    This looks great! Your friends are quite lucky to get to play on awesome terrain like this.

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