AVBCW: Dismounted Cavalry & Outcomes

For the last Big Game, I’d been asked to paint some dismounted BUF cavalry which by coincidence I had already bought from Musketeer Miniatures who are currently migrating to the Rebel Colonies.

So I did paint them up…and they didn’t get used. Here they are anyway. There is one additional figure that has gone AWOL, who is a kneeling figure holding the standard. I’ll find him seconds after posting this !

In the meantime, JP has been busy on his blog and posted an update on the allegiances of the parishes of Herefordshire in 1938:

JP & I are already planning for another set of games in the near future and a Big Game in march (14th) 2015.

Other versions of events have also been issued over the wireless:

I’ll add more shortly…

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