Mordheim: Still in the Boar’s Nest

By now Byakhee Richard had turned up, so we had a fourth warband on the table and we basically teamed up two per side.

While my Marienburgers took the high ground…

Anthony’s Dwarves took the low ground under the raised market hall.

Against the Pirates !

And Averlanders.

All after the Warpstone loot counters…
I’d hoped to have got to Hobbycraft or similar and got some glowing green gems to repalce the rather sad looking card counters.

The dwarves close in on “their” warpstone (Claes von Geld regards all such designations as temporary until wealth is redistributed, to him).

Spot the many classic Citadel minatures !

Who goes up may come down…DEAD. A stand off between the Pirates and Marienburgers.

We had a third game (barely photo’d), and my really poor dice rolling meant I scarpered early….

Still a good day had by all and we have the startings of a return to an old game that is great.

3 Responses to Mordheim: Still in the Boar’s Nest

  1. rexlogan says:

    My own group just started playing Mordheim in the spring, and took summer off as a couple guys went home for the season. I can’t wait to dive back in!
    Love your setup; it looks fantastic!

    • Thanks – I hope that in revisiting and renewing some of my scenery I will be able to give a quick “tutorial” of how to make Mordheim scenery.

      Later this week I hope as I still have an entire WHFB to report on and we’re gearing up for another game on the 25th october. No rest for the wicked.

  2. Duke Roland says:

    This looks like tons of fun! Your blog is the push I need to get started on some scenery, thanks!

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