Mordheim: Into the Boar’s Nest

The Boar’s Nest is a small area of Mordheim rarely visited by warbands for many years and contains many treasures unheard of. yesterday, four warbands ventured into the area in search of fame and fortune.

Well ok, I named it the Boar’s Nest, because I served up pizza with boar steak topping (boar steak lightly fired, finely chopped red onion, and fresh parsley). It went down well with the Byakhees.

I dug out my Mordheim scenery, not used much for the last decade, and there was an unfinished piece of scenery ! Good job a couple of the Byakhees were late as I painted the underside of the base and the top of the base just in time.

We started deploying our warbands. (Jim’s pirates bottom left)

And Anthony’s Dwarf Slayer Pirates (Long Drong’s) not as painted.

And my own Claes Von Geld’s Wealth Redistribution Agents in spectacular ORANGE…makes a change to black, dark green and or khaki…

the first game was hunting the treasure chest, and my warband got crushed between Jim and Anthony’s warbands rolled badly and died horribly.

Even though we did try and get stuck in…

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  1. Duke Roland says:

    This is awesome! It really inspires me to start my own Mordheim board.

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