Friday Film: The Walking Dead Season 4

My latest DVD boxed set is The Walking Dead, Season 4.

The first few episodes felt like a bit of a re-run of the thrid season on the first viewing but they built up wonderfully to the (not) Governor having a major set to with Rick et al in the prison.

Carol, whom I commented on previously really went for the survivalist mode indoctrinating the kids in knife craft before being kicked out, but then re-surfacing in the later episodes and being on full survivalist mode.

The second half of the season seems a bit bitty at first, but slowly the threads gather together at Terminus.


Its an excellent programme and worth every penny to buy on DVD and watch again and again. Chock full of ideas for scenarios for RPGs and skirmish games.

As commented, this programme is relatively free of profanity, the DVD final episode breaks with that:

Also, the final line of the season is uncensored, with Rick saying “They’re fucking with the wrong people.”

These are the things that were and shall be again…

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  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    …and Season 5 hits US TV tomorrow! 🙂

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