Mordheim: Revisiting a new Level

About 14 years ago, I built a load of scenery for Mordheim which was a regular game my then group of gaming friends played weekly. Taking a leaf out of GW’s book, I added in a second level to the gaming table.

I made a carcass out of foamboard with a top of artists card, to which I added A4 sized sheets of textured cobblestone from railway modelling sources.

This gave another level to the basic board – the entire thing is about 20 inches square, so not to be ignored, but really disrupts the playing area.

That was 14 years ago, and the passing years haven’t been kind. So in preparation for this weekends gaming session which is going to be Mordheim, I decided to drag it out and renovate it.

It had warped over time, and due to the various glues used, and the foamboard carcass had never been exact.

And it had never seen a lick of paint – we were using bare chipboard pieces as a table back then !

A lot of glue later, to make it all stick together, I left it overnight, weighed down by two boxes of lead figures (AVBCW actually), to flatten it all out.

I then used a new sheet of artists card to make a base for it – and you can see in the ophoto that even fresh out of the packaging the corners are frayed, which is why I round them off.

This was then painted black on the back, to start to straighten it out – the card will warp one way, and then the paint on the other side will warp it back to almost flat.

The corners and joins of the railway arches were greenstuffed to make them blend in a bit better.

The entire edifice was then painted, again using the tester paint pots I’ve had done up previously – this is a seriously large area to cover so doing this scenery necessitates these large paint pots.

Then highlighted with light grey and then my basing biscuit colour.

Again, with a large amount of glue, the base was added to the edifice, weighed down and left overnight.

A much more robust piece of kit. Later today, I’ll be at work at a few Marienburger mercenaries, and then tomorrow doing some renovations on the buildings I have to deploy on to this level and the main level (boards).

I have a building acting as a staircase up onto this extra level and a very rickety bridge, that could probably also do with renovation.

2 Responses to Mordheim: Revisiting a new Level

  1. Duke Roland says:

    This is a great idea and nice execution. It’s good to see people still play Mordheim.

    • We used to play it weekly at least, then my late wife and I moved out into the countryside, so it has languished somewhat, but for my b’day we, or I decided to do some skirmish games and Mordheim was the No.1 choice of everyone even those who have not played it. πŸ™‚

      I went into our local GW store to pick up some ORANGE paints – yes everyone commented on my ORANGE Marienburgers as I normally ouse black/dark green/khaki paints – and even they were enthused about seeing some of the older miniatures painted up.

      Stand by as I intend to do some renovation jobs on the scenery and also the figures. πŸ™‚

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