AVBCW: The Other Tables

We actually had 3 tables for our game on the 27th September, but as I was for once playing in the game on Table 3, I ahd less time to track the events on the other tables.

Here’s a few photos of the other tables and a sketchy over view of what went on on them.

Table 2: Titley Junction. Lots of open fields. Looks like I need yet more hedges !

Jez & Richard are the fascists vs Steve, Mort & Clive are the Anglicans.

The BUF under Captain Arrowsmith and their allies set up a rail block, and set up their troops hiding in corn fields with German Pkz Is…tin cans in other words…

Whilst the Anglicans including the Bishop of Ludlow’s forces set up opposite coming down the railway track.

Having moved his forces forward, Captain Arrowsmith snarled over the radio to unleash his new Italian aeoroplane which proceeded to shoot up the Anglicans.

Yup, Richard had gone and bought this model, I’d given him some Copplestone Pilots to man it, and he duly unleashed it much to the surprise of everyone including Mort.

Undeterred Steve’s forces advanced across the field to set up a firing line against Jez’s fascist mercenaries (provenance unknown, probably dodgier than one of Doug’s dice).

the Bishop of Ludlow’s forces advanced into a barn with his cavarly lying in wait for an heroic dash across the field to catch the BUF infantry. Apparently, they kept trying the idea, but it was a very boggy field and they kept bottling it despite taking few casualties. At first…

Arrowsmith snarled “Forward !”, and the BUF cavalry cantered forwards, and back and forwards again.

AS the BUF’s allied infantry were moved forward, their tanks started moving backwards – must be Italian drivers.

Leading to the Bishop’s cavalry to charge the now too far forward infantry.

Both sides threw caution to the wind and advanced in a maelstrom of confusion and general ineptness. (I can say this ‘cos I wasn’t playing on this table. 🙂 )

The tanks reversed, again and tried to join the fray, moving right past the Anglican Infantry under Steve and Mort.

BUF Cavalry having an italian moment. By now the Italian aeroplane was nowhere to be seen as the pilot had been discombobulated by finding that unlike Abyssinyians, Anglicans actually shoot back (and had failed numerous Nerve tests).



As a result of total confusion the BUF and allies beat a retreat to fight another day.

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