AVBCW: The Final Table

This was the road bridge just outside Titley, and featured the edifice that Roo had created, a truely stupendous effort of scenery making. This was fought over long and hard by the Royalists (JP), their Empire allies (Roo), against the combined Welsh and socialist allies of Mark, Jim and Tom.

The bridge.

The Royalists man the klarger hill, whilst the Hereford Hunt (JP) prance around waiting to go into battle.

The Empire Loyalists man the bridge and smaller hill.

More Royalists wait below the crest of the hill.

Whilst the Welsh (mochyn y fan) swarm across the other side of the board attempting assault the Royalists and cut the railway line in the Golden Valley.

mark’s Welsh with their armoured contraptions surge forward past the cows. There was a lot of livestock on this board, noner seemingly carnivorous or spooked by the loud bangs etc that the stupid humans were making. 😉

Jim’s forces surged down the banks of the river to attack the smaller hill on the opposite flank, under fire by the Royalists.

In stark contrast to the slow going on Table 3 due to the mud, Mark’s Welsh contraptionsdid well going up the hill.

Welsh & Royalists clash at the crest of the hill, with the Welsh finally gaining ground.

Meanwhile, Jim’s forces had nearly reached the bridge and the Empire loyalists were wavering.

Tom’s Welsh cleared the last Royalists off as the Hereford Hunt after dithering retreated.

The Empire Loyalists had one last shot with their artillery, and Room using his son to roll the dice…

…managed to score a direct hit on the Welsh, before they conceded defeat the left the field of battle.

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