AVBCW: Fighting in the Golden Valley III

The battle now reached a climax.

Tym’s ladies took fright, and hitching up their skirstn (though not exposing their ankles thank you), and took to their heels (!). On his flank Doiug’s steam tank fired a shot and destroyed Tym’s spotter team.

However, a key opportunity opened up, my LMG trooper (by the back of the A/C) had a densely packed set of socialists hiding behind the ruins.

Seven socialists died under the lewis gun’s withering fire and blunted the socialists’ attack allowing Tym to consolidate his line.

My shotgunners finally got within range and peppered Mike’s troops with their guns, to varying results.

But Matt shot back and killed my Lewi gunner, but failed to destroy my A/C which was now blocked in by the burning wreck of another of Tym’s trucks.

And so the game ended. We’d spent 11.30 to just after 5pm playing the game.

So the result was a draw, Sir Gilbert’s forces had caused and taken a couple of casualties whilst Matt’s troops had taken on Tym’s Royalists, and Mike and I had slogged it out, appropriately enough over a graveyard.

But wait there’s more because we had a SCANDAL in the first turn of the game….

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