AVBCW: Fighting in the Golden Valley II

The pile up in the centre of the table continued.

Matt and Mike’s troops were dangerously close to a co-ordinated attack on Tym and my forces.

Tym’s second set of Ladies (they get around y’know), were in the ruins and now exposed to Matt’s Socialist Free Miners who now held the farmhouse.

So I moved my troops up into the graveyard (“Not permanently” I joked).

Tym’s ladies put their sniper and AT Bouys rifle in the ruins.

A bit like the hare and tortoise, Doug’s troops and steam tanks waded through the mud to almost catch up with his allies. Or was he just tossing his socialist allies into the firing line and carefully conserving his own minions ?

All my forces moved up as Mike’s troops moved through the hedges towards the graveyard…harsh words were exchanged, and a lot of lead.

The graves of their ancestors provided good cover for my troops, and I whittled down Mike’s troops.

I moved up my third unit along with the Austin-Morris A/C seeing as my “ally” had blocked the road ahead with the wrecks of his trucks and mangled corpses of their drivers 9sorry Tym).

Mike piled his troops in to mine – well actually he’d borrowed my own figures and promptly shot me up with them, c’est la vie.

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