So we’d started playing on our board, and Tym was rolling for the movement of his trucks off road, in a desparate bids to get them on road again.

When Matt spotted the dice being used had lots of 6’s on it !

Indeed, as you can see from the photo, the dice had three 6’s on it…and three 1’s on it…Not the behaviour of a gentlman

Tym had bought a bucket of dice from a vendor at a game show, and promptly found another couple of examples of the “extreme” dice.

In the next turn, we then found, he had another dodgy dice, featuring only 5’s and 2’s, again from the same bucket of dice.

Tym’s status as a Gentleman was now in peril, and he racked his brains.

After discussion, Doug and Tym agreed that it was in fact Doug himself selling these dodgy dice, the biter bit. Doug commented he’d be looking again at those dice buckets to see what was really in them. 😀

So I’ve now ended up with some of these dice as souvenirs.

On a brighter note:

The spread of food arrived. Rosie our normal caterer had had some problems and delegated to her daughter for the first time, so Eliza set up the usual table groaning with food: bacon; sausages; pork pies; chicken wings (well actually more like half a flipping chicken!); sandwiches; crisps; scotch eggs; rolls; and fruit.

We had 15 players, and the bill was £83, our biggest order yet, which coupled with the bill for the curry in the evenin which was another £82 meant we psent £165 on food alone for the day. Good job the hall is cheap to hire.

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