Name That Silence

There’s been a bit of an hiatus for the last two weeks on the blog posts.

Real Life has intervened, and as Deputy Chair of our Parish Council have been busy sacking our Parish Clerk for Gross Misconduct, and sorting out the council’s accounts. With a recalcitrant ex-clerk refusing to surrender public accounts to us, I have had to expend a lot of time calming the external auditors and filing the accounts as best I could flying half blind. Legal avenues have now opened themselves up as undesirable destinations including court orders, baliffs and law enforcement agencies.

On top of this, the long awaited AVBCW Big Game happened, and there was a lot of none to exciting scenery preparation and logistics for that. There were spanners in the works there due to the caterer having to increase and change her costing structure, and then have key staff got AWOL days before hand. Fifteen hungry gamers need to be fed, and I don’t have 5 fish and 5 loaves to hand.

Anyhow, I’m now recovering from yesterdays games session which was a success – the car took 20 minutes to simply unload this morning such is the volume of scenery I deployed, and I was aided and abetted by others.

Now, I’ll be posting pictures shortly, starting with a mundane but useful set on how to make roads….

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