AVBCW: The Railway Bridge, AKA – The Monster

So JP & I are planning for the 27th, and we know Roo likes a challenge in making scenery. We asked him to make a modest sized railway bridge…

This is what we got. To give some idea of scale, the trees lower right are on my usual CD bases and are 5-6″ tall.

The overall monster was about 70″ long and 35″ wide, so pretty much covered the board from one side of the table to the other – we were playing on six by eight foot boards.

Roo added roads, hedges and trees to it as well, using some of my stuff, and stuff Richard had donated. A truly magnificent piece of scenery.

The bridge is also high enough to get my railway trains underneath as well.

One Response to AVBCW: The Railway Bridge, AKA – The Monster

  1. Roo says:

    Honoured by your kind words and flattering photographs…it is such a pleasure to contribute to your and JPs wonderful games!

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