AVBCW: Roads

By the late 1930’s Britain was increasingly using tarmac roads, with most major roads being covered in Tarmacadam, tarmac. How best to model that on our games tables ? I have gopt various systems and seen various systems of doing so. Ul;timately they are expensive and relatively inflexible. Then I hit on some ideas of my own and on other blogs:

Roofing Felt.
\Nice and flexible so you can run it up and down undserlying terrain, but comes with its own texture.

I carved it up into 3-4 inch wide foot long sections using disposable knives, from the rubber backing not the upper crunchy side.

Just to be sure I used a black flexibibble vinyl spray paint as the base coat.

The grass won’t thank me…

Another purchase from B&Q of a dark grey pot of paint – I gave some to Roo for THE EDIFICE he was creating for our game on the 27th…still lots left over and did a load of dry brushing.

I then drybrushed over the roads with my base biscuit paint to represent mud and rubbish on the road. This picture is from the 27th, a single straight road about nine foot long.

I did 24 foots worth of sections of road, and probably need another 12 foot of road to ad. Though I won’t be posting the full experience of that ‘cos it is very boring.

Next the games on the 27th where the 24 feet of road sections were deployed.

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