Another day, another nail – another battle another unit

A week with no posts. I knew I’d been busy but its crept up on me thatI haven’t posted since last week.

I’d been busy painting stuff when a rather short notice game with Byakhee Rich was confirmed for last Saturday, so I knuckled down and did the second unit of Dark Elf Warlocks. So as per my plan to have a new unit for each game I play I speeded things up.

These have been pleasantly surprising and useful in the last half dozen games and I am just about getting used to them. So I’d bought 5 of them cheap on evil-bay and had almost painted them up for the game (no skin/hair highlights). I chose a very pale blue highlighted with white and a very pale skin (Foundry Expert Flesh E & F) along with a purple outfit to differentiate them from the first unit of Warlocks.

Then I got a call from the County Council.

As the Deputy (Dawg) Chair of the Parish Council I was rather annoyed to find that our accounts had not been filed with the external auditors. Cue lots of aggro, cue the dismissal of one Parish Clerk. We’re talking about public money here so there could be no slack given to a Clerk that had already incurred us extra costs for failing to file PAYE returns this year.

On top of that I had another slow puncture – again a nail in the tyre…the third nail in a tyre in 18 months, where are all these nails coming from ?

That’s enough of that. I should now have time to edit the photos of the game with Rich that we had – sadly I lost for mostly the same reasons as last time – I can’t break his huge infantry blocks. Preparation for the AVBCW game on the 27th have advanced as well, so stand by…

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