AGW: Passive Aggressive Deniers

Next time you hear a denier complain about being a victim, remember this:


29 August 2014 3:05am Recommend 2

So you deny histroy? Maybe you should consider a job at the BoM.

“During MOST of the Third Reich MOST active German conservationists were Nazi Party members and MOST Nazi Party members were active in conservationist organizations.”

I was going to give a long list of examples, links to articles and research, but then I realised, if you want to know, you’ll Google it yourself.
But personally I think you’ll just stick your fingers in your ears and type some more bull about how skeptics are making it all up, so good luck.

So as well as being lefty communists, green activists are also Nazis.

How quaint.

One Response to AGW: Passive Aggressive Deniers

  1. Duke Roland says:

    Makes perfect sense. Also Hitler was an artist, so all artists are anti Semitic. Check and mate.

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