AVBCW: LDV Mortars

Finished yesterday but due to a combination of light levels and un-dried glue only posted today:

To accompany the HMG I bought from Mort, I got two mortars and crew. These were Empress SCW miniatures that he had converted for AVBCW.

The crews as originally received underwent a few changes of personnel. I’d also already asked Mort to change some of the rifles to SMLEs to enhance their “British” nature.

It was nice to paint some colours other than khaki. Though the colour palette of the average 1930’s british bloke is still fairly limited. For the second mortar, I also had a minor issue that is worth raising.

Mort had suplied a box (of mortar shells), but as it was very thin, so I built it up by adding card to the base so it was more distinct above the scatter/flock. These add on accessories are often lost in the noise – figures are usually on bases, not so boxes of ammo and so on. They get lost on bases when there is flock and static grass. Its really simple to solve but often forgotten.

So I now have two distinct and unique mortar teams for my LDV. Just as well, as for the Big game on the 27th September, I will be providing two LDV armies. 🙂

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