AVBCW: Local Defence Volunteers’ HMG

Having rummaged through my AVBCW collection of LDV troops, I found I was short of command and support weapons. Preparing for the game on the 27th September, so I asked on the AVBCF for models to fill in these units.

Luckily, my mate Mort responded with offers of customised units. One of the items I bought from him was the HMG unit – though I added a Foundry Home Guard to replace the third figure.

Now I already had a Foundry Home Guard HMG, and the Musketeer LDV HMG, but I wanted more as I am providing at least two armies for the Big Games, I need at least four HMGs, and more support weapons !

Of course, you will see in Mort’s post, I have also bought some Mortars for my LDV forces – and yes they’ll be posted shortly as they are nearly finished.

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