WHFB: Dark Elves cause Carnage – Part 2

So at the end of turn one, we’d had a lot of combat and it was pretty close, probably just in my favour.

I charged my Silver Talons and Breathy the Hydra into Eega Ugezod’s Black Orcs, and also launched a Blade Wind attack beforehand to whittle down their numbers.

The wolf riders got a flank attack from a CoK Chariot. In fact, this game consisted of lots of flank attacks from units, which meant we rarely had the issue of numbers of ranks and associated steadfastness coming up.

The Spider Riders and Trolls got wiped out, and Spitty and Redark (Hunter in the dark) [cue twlight theme music for this very very scary name] my General followed up (Mengil’s couldn’t as they are reavers and spent time tearing up the corpses of their victims).

ASnd another one bites the dust, the Warlocks defeated the Wyvern and rider and moved on to another bolt thrower crew (all too easy).

Another flank attack, as Gav pushed the Orcs forward along with the Goblin horde !

End of turn 2, and its all a mess with so many units in combat. Great fun !

Well it was for me, as I had the Orcs for lunch, allowing my General to run them down, and Spitty turned to face the goblins.

The Orc Arrer boys did however over-run the Shades, but ended up pursuing them into the realms of nowhere they could do anything useful for the game as my CoK cavalry bypassed them. As I had no static units they didn’t get back into the game.

Gav’s right flank were similarly out of the game, having spent a couple of turns squabbling and then trying to move towards the middle of the battlefield.

the Night Goblin bowmen rounded the ruins, released the fanatics, who failed to make contact with my one unit of 10 RXBs and again were effectivelly out of the game.

The Orc Arrer Boyz (second unit) finally got into a scrap with the Spearmen, but Faygin Cheapsoul (my bargain basement hero with SFA) saw them off, moments after the goblin horde had received its own flank charge from Mengils who carved a path of destruction through them (again, unable to follow up).

2 Responses to WHFB: Dark Elves cause Carnage – Part 2

  1. Gavin Arnett says:

    An entertaining game and no mistake. Thanks must go to Giles for being a good host and worthy opponent (and victor). Giles deployed well and played to the Dark Elf strengths. However, he also had virtually all the luck in this battle as well – rarely have I rolled so consistently appallingly! I started the battle on the back foot and stayed there. One thing that also consistently came up was the Dark Elves’ much higher initiative scores, even with double handed weapons, where the orcs repeatedly got hit hard on the first round of combat and continued to suffer as a result. I have nothing to counter that. Animosity again played a part in my downfall; the large unit of Harboths electing to continually squabble rather than taken any part in the battle. The new animosity rules are both fairer and more entertaining, but can still very easily result in a battle being lost from the very outset, and thus are still a heavy burden to carry. Still, a fun game and I’m looking forward to another one at the end of the month!

    • Thanks Gav – yes it was really good fun – no hanging around !
      Yes your rolling was abysmal – low when you wanted high, and high when you wanted low.
      I checked through the rules on ASF and Initiative and I am sure I wasn’t being a beard git ! Nor did we have the number of ranks issue except once on the Blacvk Orcs, where guess what, you failed LD test. I should also have taken your standards when defeating your units so their returns to the table would have even been less likely.

      Most importantly, above everything else, I am glad you enjoyed it.
      Maybe the extra 30 Goblins I found will ensure your revenge on me ? 😉

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