Goblins, Gremlins, BT and the Bolshevik Internet Revolution

Yes, the Internet Gremlins have been round again, with my phone line being AWOL for 7 days (and broadband AWOL for 3 days pretty much). BT pulled their finger out today after an irate phone call.

The engineer turned up and gave me loads of tips on how to speed up my internet access, ahead of the superfast broad band our county is about to receive in the next few months.

Whilst he was fixing my connection which involved several trips to the Exchange, which I knew was the source of the problem much like any server room, I managed to find and build a load of Goblins for my mate Gavin.

And finally, I photo’d the Red Mounted Command I did on Friday. Another high five commander, but at least the Whites will get a variant !

Tomorrow, I should have uploaded all the ~30 photos of the WHFB game Gavin and I had on Saturday.

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