WHFB: Eric & Co

Finally, I finished off the Beastmasters (the & Co) for Eric, and finished off this model.

The two Beastmaster’s are now integral to the base of the Hydra/Khyrbdris. I painted the female’s hair pale blue, to match in with the rest of the army, and the monster’s pale belly.

One is perched on a rock, which is hollow, so this was filled to help weigh the figure down.

The second is much more 3-D, wielding a chained halberd.

I had a really good think and asked Byakhee Gavin about the quality of the figures. Compared to the metal beastmasters these two plastic figures are very “flat”. They are more dynamic, but at the same time more boring and I think that’s why they took 3 months to paint simply because they were simply boring. GW need to think about what they are doing – plastic gives a wider range of options of fantastic poses, yet at the same time they can be very boring.

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