Hanging on the Telephone

Well a week’s hiatus broken.

The bust ankle turned out to be the worst problem. Not just a twisted ankle, an infected one that got really bad. The doctor concluded it wasn’t gout but the result of a blood infection from an insect bite I’d had last week. Cue swollen ankle on one side, and swollen foot for much of the week.

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So I’ve spent much of the week doped up on anti-inflammatory painkillers, and then anti-biotics that the doctor prescribed.

Now the phone is up the spout with random phone calls coming in saying someone can’t take my call. Somehow, I think BT will get an earful shortly.

On the upside, as well as the BoB Russians painted posted previously, I have a Red Command group finished, more sandbag emplacements finished, Eric and his handlers finished, and a WHFB game lined up tomorrow so there should be a resumption of normal posting rates over the next week. Plus a few more surprises.

Chin, chin. 😉

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