BoB: Russians in German kit

Finally, I got the squad of Russians in Stahlheims painted:

These were the Copplestone Ragged White Russians, with Great War Miniatures German heads that my mate Richard had pinned for me. They got painted half with German feld grau (Foundry WW2 Early German Grey), half with Russian khaki (Foundry Moss).

They can represent the Western White Russian Army raised in 1919, especially the Lieven troops that had as many (if not more) ex German troops as Russians in them operating in the Baltic and Byelorussian regions. They used Russian and German kit interchangeably, and later some of them used British kit as well.

They could also do as Red Internationalist troops – freed German/Austrian POWs at a pinch, though these would arguably just hav had access to Russian kit alone.

I figure I can field this unit of 10 troops, alongside each of 10 Russians, and 10 Germans to make a proper western or Baltic White Russian force easily enough. This would give me the generic 30 Infantry we use in most of our games, with each unit being distinctive. Of course it also means I use up all the off cut pieces created in the process of making the mortars and crew seen elsewhere.

So, as I have the 10 Russians done elsewhere, now I have to paint up the German unit, along with some suitable command group figures.

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