Computer Says No

New posts might be a bit irregular in the next week !

Yesterday my iMac account melted down and refused to let me access it, and hence I lost access to all my files. So I set up a new account, and went to retrieve my files from my back up system. Only to find the back up system had failed to do its (automated) job properly.

Much gnashing of teeth, rending of hair and wailing later I went to bed.

Fortunately, with my Admin account I have now got access to my files and am busy retrieving them for my new account. In the process, I will be making a few changes, sanitising the files, weeding them and generally tightening things up. I’ve also got to go and find all my favourite sites on the web and re-bookmark them unless I can find an admin function to copy them from the noew defunct account profile.

Due to the volume of data I’ve accummulated over the last 10+ years this involves large chunks of data being moved around so I might be able to post some photos of the latest painting I’ve been doing.

Trouble comes in threes they say and after this week I agree: flu; bust ankle; and computer failure.

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