AVBCW: Sandbag Bunker

Whilst the next AVBCW Big Game JP & I are planning is nearly 8 weeks away, experience has taught me to start now. As we have some 14 people attending, and three 6×8′ tables to dress we need to start planning and actually creating scenery.

One of those plans, is for some defensive positions. So I bought a couple of sp[rues of the new Renedra Sand bags. Then I started making a sandbag emplacement for a support weapon.

Yes using a CD scenery base gave me plenty of room, BUT, the sandbags are pretty thin, so I soon realised that I’d waste an entire row of sand bags just to get above the base level of the support weapons’ base…in other words wasting a lot of money !

A card board uplift !

The base sandbags are also a different shape and there are a limited number of them on the sprue. Then there are the sandbags that make up the rest of the bunker wall. These can all be altered easily enough.

Then I built the bunker up with the rest of the sandbags. There was a noticeable casting line on one of the sprues I had, but this can be written off as a seam especially when we are building wargames standard scenery.

I made sure that the front of the bunker pretty made sure of a 45 degree fire arc.

The bunker painted and flocked. yes I have been busy mixing up new flock as well, as I have got through a full pot of flock and a full pot of glue so far this year already.

So one sandbag bunker ready, I have done anopther three and a few more are on the way. I’m doing a load to ensure I have enough for all the support weapons not least because I have invested in a few more support weapons…

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