A very long weekend

So the long weekend of gaming turned into a very long week long hiatus on posting material.

Firstly, on Friday I forgot my camera so had to wait until JP sent me his photos the following Monday. I spent much of Friday evening and Saturday morning sorting out my neighbour’s electrics, and potholes adjacent to our drive way.

After Sunday’s gaming session, I forgot I had meetings lined up for the council to discuss contracts, and then the actual monthly council meeting. So by Wednesday I was a bit shell shocked and not keen on editing loads of photos.

As did Spades – unlike previous Cats I’ve had, when he falls asleep he ends up face down on the floor !

Interestingly, Richard has made two comments that are relevant.

He observed that some people spend a lot of their time posting to facebook/blogs/etc, to the point they are too busy there to actually enjoy their “real” life.

Then in a discussion, we were talking about the collection and painting of our armies, including the absurd idea of limiting our armies in size. Of interest was his comment:

“If you paint a figure and never use it in a game, then is it just Art ?”

An interesting comment.

Now I’ve uploaded a load of piccies for AVBCW, and so will post them shortly. And then some WHFB stuff. Its like a bus, they all come at once. 😉

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