The Long Weekend Challenge

So with one Painting Challenge has succeeded. So I thought I’d do another quick one.

I’ve had the DE Beastmasters for Eric lying around, along with a Sorceress. As I am booked in for a game with Byakhee Rich on Sunday (yes, a second game this weekend), I thought it’d be great to continue my aspiration to field a new unit for each game I play.

So here’s the pile of plastic and lead to paint.

The Dark Elves are base painted and partly washed, so an hour on Friday, and some time on saturday should see them all finished off.

At the same time, I have four BoB Copplestone Castings Commanders for my Bolsheviks that only need highlighting of horses, tack and armbands to finish off.

It’ll be interesting to see if I can finish them off.

Tomorrow I should have loads of pictures of AVBCW games JP & I play.

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