This weeks challange – paint palette

So, I have the 10 civilians with shotguns to paint for my games session with JP on Friday. Painting uniformed unit is dead easy, you have a very limited palette to use and you can churn them out easily enough. And by paint palette, I mean the range of colours that will be used to paint them and so that they hang together as a distinct unit whilst remaining different from each other. (I’ll come up with a more succinct definition I am sure)

With ten civilians wearing different clothes, equipped and baggaged differently – that’s a different game.

Here’s progress – they’re no longer just black undercoat with flesh painted in !

I have kept the palette of colours to mostly greens, browns and greys with a yellow/leather colour for brightness. They’re nearly all Foundry colours as they provide a large range of natural looking colours. As these guys are meant to be wardens, and hunting types they aren’t in general going to wear garish colours, nor are they going to be wearing military colours. I shied away from doing the fancy plaid and tweed paint jobs as these are only going to be painted to wargaming standard. I am sure JP will massacre them first turn on Friday ! 😉

Except for the leader, who has a funky red waistcoat – a product of my MHC leader wearing a similar outfit, and that the red paint pot is on the table as I do more AQMF scenery. (His red clown nose will opbviously be highlighted with flesh !)

They’re coming together as a unit. I have also done some research on Sir Edward Elgar who famously lived in Malvern and based many of his compositions of the countryside around the Malverns including Herefordshire. I’ll be using a lot of names for the units of the MHC from now on.

The Lanchester has been sprayed, this time with a Tamiya Olive Green, and is now going to be highlighted with Foundry Moss and GW Caomoshade and the guns/tyres done with Foundry Charocal, GW Leadbelcher (silver) and a wash of GW Nuln Oil. (I still prefer the old names of GW stuff like Chaos Black et al)

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