AQMF: Our third game

Yes, the system is fast enough, and our games small and simple enough to do a third game (we played 11am to 6pm including time for pawing with trembly hands [mine] of the hard back book, and pawing of the miniatures [Richard’s]).

First up we expanded the table. The h/back book suggests a 6×4′ table, whereas we’d been using a 4×4′ table for the first two games. It also allowed me to get out the two storey pyramid to help bulk out the Martain style scenery. (NB: Despite washing the resin before spraying, the spray paint didn’t adhere all over so its a bit scrappy – WIP)

By now we had all 4 tripods ready to go, and all the tanks.

So I gathered the 3 Assault tripods in the centre to move in and defend the pyramids (of Mars), with the Scout out on the flank to deal with the blips which could be human infantry.

Richard deployed 6 Mark II tanks on his right flank, and three Mark III tanks in the centre, surrounded by a cloud of blips.

For pretty much the only time in the entire game, I won initiative and pushed forward.

Unfortunately, this meant they were in range of a heck of a lot of tank guns ! The tripod went down fairly quickly. And then a second one fell in the first turn !

It was only the Scout that had any luck in the game, flushing out BEF troops who ran aay before I zapped them.

the third Assault tripod went down, leaving the Scout on it’s ownsome…

…for two rounds dodging in and out of cover, but it was another loss for the Martians.

So conclusions:

  • The Martians are vastly outnumbered. Loss of two Tripods so early in the game pretty much decided it.
  • Winning Initiative is very important.
  • As per the earlier games, mass targetting of single Tripods is the way to take them down.
  • However, even the Scout Tripod can clear out nests of HMGs and Infantry relatively easily – they also move FAST.

One Response to AQMF: Our third game

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Yes, we found that the Tripods are tough and have powerful weapons BUT at range they can only each kill one target per turn and some of those targets can easily be just “blips”. No wonder the devious Martians have invented remote control Drones and Lobototon human slaves to augment their warmachines! These will be just the thing to flush out pesky human blips – once they arrive and are assembled and painted of course.

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