BoB: Big Game – Важно полустанке Part 4

Both tables were now at crunch points:

Into the melee, the Don Cossack artillery shell landed – deviating from its target. It killed more Kuban Cossacks than Don Cossacks and allowed the Don Cossacks to win the melee, and then charged into the Kuban Command unit. They captured the Kuban Commander and wiped out the rest of the unit (high fives all round).

Meanwhile the Turks charged and wiped out another White unit and added the Captain’s Wife to their Harem !

At the village, the Whites failed their morale test after being hit by an LMG anda HMG and abandoned the foremost key building causing a ripple effect as the victorious Reds poured in.

Then the train arrived ! Slicing through the melee between the Don and Kuban Cossacks leaving each of them stranded on the wrong side of the track.

The Reds broke through into the village as the ffrench and Whites streamed back.

The Don Cossack plan to leave the A/C on the track was foiled by the Kuban Shock Troopers who assaulted it with grenades and immobilised it and destroyed one of its weapons. They paid a heavy price for this.

Despoite a shot from a field gun, nothing could stop the train getting through.

Which was a shame, because the french and Whites in the village admitted defeat and retreated.

So a Red victory in capturing the village, and a phyricc White victory in getting the train through.

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