BoB: Big Game – Важно полустанке Part 3

Back at the village…

The Senegalese troops retreated, no doubt inspired by the French troops who really wanted to just have another glass of wine, some cheese, and to go home.

Even the White “we’re not brigands” did better than that standing up and counter charging the Reds as they advanced to the fence on the outskirts of the village.

Another generic panoramic view !

The Whites also made a brave charge with a cavalry unit on the flank towards the column of Reds, and the somewhat ineffective Red armoured car that was pottering along on the far flank of the board.

Before the French managed to land a lucky shot on top of one of the Red command groups, AND the veteran squad tagging along.

Not much was left behind, and though “seeing red” the Bolshevik advance paused for a moment as they regrouped.

Before more Reds moved in and the momentarily replused Reds surged back towards the perimeter fence.

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