BoB: Big Game – Важно полустанке Part 2

Out on the Steppe, deployment was complete:

The ragged Whites were reinforced by a horde of Kuban Cossacks !

Nominally “defending” the rail line to facilitate the passage of their General’s train, the ragged Whites surged forward towards the advancing Turks.

The Kuban Cossacks surged forward enraged by the sight of the Don Cossacks in the pay of the enemy invader !

Generic panaoramic view of the table. 🙂

The Whites decided to bring on their reserve unit of some…Cossacks…

And accompanied by an infantry unit, advanced in the centre to prevent the Turks sabotaging the tracks.

The Kuban General moved his infantry and allied Shock Troops up and through a corn field in the centre to link up with the ragged Whites.

Whose advancing troops collided with head strong Turkish troops, who came off better.

The two Cossack cavalry wings also met in close combat.

At this point all four players were thinking this was a key round of combat, and all were wondering when the train would arrive, with much speculation as to how the Umpire (me) would handle an armoured train ploughing through a mixed melee combat with nearly two dozen mounted troops !

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