BoB: Rolling Stock WIP, and Big Wipes

As well as books films and baiting AGW deniers, I have been doing some painting. My kitchen table is coverred in stuff that must be ready by Saturday AM – or more realistically Friday PM.

I went and got some emulsion to weather the flat bed trucks as they were just going to be weathered wood. The single pot I had from 4Ground, was not going to cover them all so I had some paint mixed for me when I visited Travis Perkins builders merchants. It is way cheaper to get the paint mixed this way than buy individual pots for scenery and other large projects like a train !

Whilst there I was reminded of another excellent pruchase I’d made – the Big Wipes – nominally for DIY and building work these are a canister of cloths that are soaked in some magic formula that pretty much deals with every conceivable spill of any material. Very useful for their intended purpose – DIY – but also immensely useful for clearing up model paint and fillers. The builders used them extensively. They can wipe up stuff even from carpets.

Here’s the first pass at a couple of weathered flat bed trucks. As this is using emulsion, I was worried it would be too thick (like me). No, its fine providing you really go to town on the dry brushing aspect.

The undercarriage is GW Boltgun metal washed with Nuln Oil. I think they look ok for a wargames standard. As stated, I will add ttransfers and so on to other more important pieces of rolloing stock.

Hopefully tomorrow, Turkish & Bolshevik HMGs will be finished off.

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