AGW: Science is a scam & local power cuts keep me in a panic

AGW denier, in another cut out and keep moment. Beware those pesky scientists, they want to keep you in a state of panic:


27 May 2014 4:28pm
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Researchers found that the term ‘global warming’ resonates far more powerfully, triggering images of ice melt and catastrophe

That’s what science is all about after all: creating panic as the means to engendering legitimacy.

So there you have it folks, as quoted from CiF. Best stop listening to all those scientists. 😉

Must be one reason why I’ve experienced half a dozen power cuts per day for the last 3 days – if BT aren’t trying to deny me access to the interwebnet, then it’s NPower !

He said grumnpily catching up on e-mails and blog posts !

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