Naughty Cats

As well as the Rabbit that BlackJack brought in, both of my cats have unfortunately been bringing in birds and in particular fledglings in various states of dismemberment and distress.

This one did not survive.

This one did. A Thrush fledgling.

Something I was taught some time ago was to (after removing cat from scene), was to toss a towel or blanket over the bird/rodent. They normally freeze on the spot, so you can then gather up the towel with bird/wildlife within and take them to a safe place outside.

In my case I have some hanging baskets, so for most birds they’re ideal. For rodents, close the doors and release them close to a hedge.

Unfortunately, leaving the Cat Door (aka my kitchen bay window) open allowed Timmy our village’s resident feline nuisance (is there another type of cat ?) to visit to consume my cats’ food. However, I am well versed in the relative kerr thump of my cats coming in through the window, so I trapped Timmy in my kitchen for 10 minutes during which his howls grew louder and louder. Cruel but necessary to remind him I really don’t want him in my house – I’ve found him upstairs before now !

Wargamers have also found cats interfere in their games, and my cats certainly have featured in many postings and pictures before now.

I may have to get a table such as this. Follow the link for an example of a cat using this table.

Naughty cats indeed !

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  1. lalocabruja says:

    Ooow 😦 😉

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