Support Weapons in Cover

Now I’ve made a big thing of my CD scenery bases being great to add scatter scenery to the games table(s). The drawback of them are that support weapons such as HMGs and Artillery don’t fit well with them.

That doesn’t look good does it ?

Seeing as I have been given 150+ CDs, my brain cell had an idea (it didn’t set off the smoke alarm so its hardly radical).

As I use standard size bases for my support weapons (HMGs, Mortars etc) and standard sized bases for my field guns/artillery, I checked that a CD base would enclose them in cover – Yes they do.

Even for artillery, and I also have started labelling the dozens of CD bases of scenery so my players can pack them away properly (hint)

So I set about putting together some bases for the forthcoming BoB game. As I have 8+ players I needed to check the concept and then do 8 or so of each as most of the factions/players would require one of each at some stage. the off cuts of the mats were used as tufts of long grass. They were glued straight to the CD bases because of the thick rubber backing. The sand and flock covers this up. The rest of the bushes and static grass was added on top as normal.

There’s the finished example for a support weapon.

And for an artillery piece.

Players will be able to put the weapons in cover, and have an aesthetically pleasing item, not something balanced on top of other scenery etc.

16 CD bases later I’m posting this…hence the hiatus for a bit because I really don’t think photographing 16 inDUHvidual bases is worth the bandwidth. 🙂

I’ll be doing similar bases for AVBCW stuff as well.

Yes JP, I’ll do some for you too. 😉

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  1. jp1885 says:

    What a gent – cheers mate!

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