All Quiet on the Carcosa Front

No postings for best part of a week. That isn’t because I’ve been sitting back. I said I wouldn’t use this blog as a day by day account of gaming life.

Some miniatures are being built and painted, but yes lots more scenery is being done and I don’t propose to clog the blog up with endless piccies of scenery. Amongst other things I am planning for the BoB Big Game on the 31st May. So here’s a few things you might see soon and stuff I’ve been working on:

  • Lots of BoB scrub
  • A new range of scenery bases for support weapons in cover
  • AVBCW scenery for JP…yes about 20 bases worth…
  • Cats – they’ve been busy – and not just mine !
  • S Gauge rolling stock.
  • Painted walls (yay!)
  • Council and community work.

All quiet on what front ?

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