A Reblog and a Block

Yes, I reblogged someone else’s posting yesterday.

Two reasons:

  • mastering the technology.
  • It fitted my enuii

I’d seen this done elsewhere but until now had never been motivated to do the same myself as it is fairly lazy, so a quick lesson in the technology and I did it easily enough. I did the reblogging because:-

I’d painted Eric, highlighted him etc, and it just looked boring. Really boring. So my return to figure painting died like a damp squib in a rainstorm.

It didn’t help that a late night on Wednesday, where my Parish Clerk embarrassed himself again (virtually passing out in front of representatives from 8 other councils), had improved my mood.

So when I read Christian’s posting I became more energised and determined to break the painter’s block.

So I did another load of painting on Eric, it looks a lot better in real life – and the model came to life much more to my satisfaction. I haven’t done the base as yet as the Beastmasters (now ruleswise an irrelevance) are still being painted. I used granite and bleached wood for the claws and jaws because I wanted to avoid the somewhat cliched bleached bone colour. Similarly, the rocks the model stands on were painted green, then highlighted with stone, before a brown wash applied. They now look great – a set of rocks emerging from the sea drenched in brine and algae. the tongue has been washed with purple just to add to the otherworldliness.

As in the reblogged article, you can copy other people for so long before you suddenly break out and make your own mark. As there are few examples of a Kharibdryss (SP) I had little to follow so decided this was my time.

Having been painting figures for some 30 years, my point is, we are all still learning, and all still carving our niche. We shouldn’t be afraid of taking some risks and making something unique to ourselves, whether it is Christian’s written work or Agata’s paintings. Wargamers should acknowledge they are doing art as well.

3 Responses to A Reblog and a Block

  1. ruarigh says:

    Painting block? Yes, I am well familiar with that. I actually did some painting the other night but only because I was procrastinating about revising for my viva in a week’s time. I had not painted anything else this year until then. Procrastination is a valuable tool for getting past that painting block. As for my painting being art, well, technically it is, but it is more colour by numbers than fine art. 🙂

    I do find painting anything larger than 15mm to be a challenge, so respect for what you have done with Eric.

    • No I really do think we are creating art. It can be painting by numbers if you (say) solely used the A, B, C of (say) Foundry).

      Hence my determination not to use such a pre-served recipe.

      A Green base for a rock ?

      Eh ?

      Where was that in the books ?

      Its worked it looks great.
      Nice and slimey for when R’lyeh rises from the deeps and Cthulhu/Eric rises.

      • ruarigh says:

        I have argued to people before that what we do is art. My self-deprecating comments aside, the aesthetics of wargaming are important, whether it be producing vast displays like the Towton project I worked on or just a beautifully painted individual figure. That still does not stop the painting being a necessary chore in my eyes. I’m more about the game really.

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